Apple Tree Consulting, Inc.


Apple Tree Consulting, Inc. provides you and your organization with the tools for creating an environment that supports learning through research-based strategies that are creative, interactive, learning-filled, and based on national, state, and district standards.

Apple Tree is committed to offering a variety of professional development workshops that will nourish teachers’ minds in order to enrich students’ lives.

ATC offers you professional development on a variety of topics that build learning-filled school environments staffed with excited and confident teachers who encourage curious, problem-solving, creative, persevering students who love learning.

We realize there is a vast array of websites where information about teaching and learning can be found.  We want Apple Tree Consulting to be your first choice.  Here you will find information on the most current professional development opportunities using research and the interpretations of research on the subject of children and learning environments.  Check us out and come back often.  We promise to bring the joy of learning to a new dimension!




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